Welcome to Browsi, your all in one SaaS solution technology that helps publishers boost revenue by creating premium ad locations that advertisers are looking for.

Why use Browsi

Publishers have very few options when it comes to optimizing their ad inventory, and it’s nearly impossible to deliver personalized ad layouts in real-time at scale with existing tools.

Manual optimizations using historical data provide only a partial picture of your ad inventory and fail to increase your ad inventory performance precisely when users are engaging with your content.

Browsi puts 150+ data points behind your ad inventory, automatically delivers maximum performing ad inventory in real-time, and enables publishers to sell 100% of impressions at the deep level of granularity that advertisers use to buy.

Advertisers are targeting your visitors with specific criteria and delivering personalized ad content, while publishers are still designing ad layouts based on pixels and paragraphs - without considering real-time user behavior. Browsi levels the playing field by automatically aligning user behavior and 150+ data points with industry standards and Editorial requirements - culminating in premium inventory that advertisers want to buy.

How Browsi Works

Increasing ad placement viewability is the foundation for increasing page revenue and CPMs. Browsi’s AI solution tracks the behavior of every visitor in real-time and automatically optimizes placements for the publisher’s demand to deliver the most viewable and profitable ad layout while keeping UX intact.

Browsi operates across 3 core functions:

  1. We lay the foundation by increasing viewability across each in-line placement for your demand in real-time.

  2. Next, we predict viewability at the ad call across 100% of your impressions so you can be strategic with allocating your impressions to best fill your campaign commitments and open market preferences.

  3. Followed by that, we assure UX is maintained at its best, monitored, and while considering best practices and real-time engagement, we ensure the best experience is provided.